Sixth Form Life

Academia is not the sole function of Mount House nor the sole facet. Our sports teams have enjoyed considerable success in regional and national competitions. As role models within our community, sixth formers are Guardian Angels and mentor one or two 1st Formers throughout their Lower 6th Year. Those studying English Literature become Book Buddies and help lower years with their reading and literacy skills, at the same time improving their own.

All Lower 6th students have one Teaching Assistant period a week where they are in lower school lessons of their choosing helping with academic progression in an area they already have expertise. The 6th Form students also assist with the subject clinics which happen every week to assist the teaching staff with pupils who seek extra help with lesson or homework.

All Lower 6th students will take our pioneering strategy course “Growing Foxes”. This will help them to put their aspirations into a global perspective, to plan for their futures in the 21st Century and, as they move through the year, to work towards the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ helps them to gain invaluable skills such as time management and critical thinking – essential for those destined for higher education. Five Enrichment Days where a variety of activities are engaged in, complement the rest of the social activities.

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