Sixth Form Life

Students are encouraged to engage in leadership opportunities in many aspects of Mount House life.  We invite students to participate in School assemblies and promote opportunities for students to contribute to the school and wider communities through fund-raising activities, as well as expecting Sixth Form students are to play a leading role in the organisation of inter-house events and to encouraging and supporting the participation of younger pupils.

As role models within our community Sixth Formers are Guardians, and throughout their Lower Sixth Year mentor one or two pupils in Year 7. Many Lower Sixth students help support Lower School students with their studies, particularly at GCSE where Lower Sixth students achieved highly.  Sixth Formers supervise our Wellbeing Cafe where students who need a friendly face or support and guidance can drop in each lunchtime.  Students contribute to, or indeed, run a variety of clubs and societies.  The House of Equality is entirely Sixth Form run and Sixth Formers have contributed to Varsity Club, Chess Club and with the coaching of our lower school sports teams.

Our Student Leadership team, currently comprising of a Head of School and two Deputies embody the community aspect of our Sixth Form.  Mount House students will invariably enter positions of leadership in their later lives.  The training and experience to prepare them for those positions starts with us.

It’s a small, friendly community where everybody knows everybody