Head’s Welcome

Successful schools are about the personal development of each child as an individual, and the development of each child’s skills and knowledge to enable them to make a positive contribution at school and in their adult lives.

At Mount House, students combine intellectual endeavour with an enthusiastic engagement which extends well beyond the classroom.

We are a small school with a significant sense of community and we encourage students to aim high, to work hard to be the best they can be – whether it’s in the examination hall, on the sports field, on stage or in the creative or performing arts.

Our small size is critical to creating those opportunities, and allowing us to guide each student so that they in turn can contribute to the creation of a stimulating and supportive community. I consider it a great privilege to be able to lead a unique school which is able to offer such a wonderful educational experience.

Academic achievement is of course integral to our students’ time here, but we would be disappointed if young people left Mount House with excellent exam results alone. Our goal is that students become confident and independent learners, prepared to tackle new and challenging ideas, undaunted by risks, and able to learn from failure. Our school motto “Inspiring Every Individual” exemplifies this idea – at Mount House each person learns to be intellectually curious, optimistic and determined in all that they do – but to do so while making a contribution to the whole community and developing a sense of fun which will serve them well in life.

If you think your son or daughter would enjoy being part of our community, please visit us. Only by seeing the school in action will you get a true flavour of all that Mount House can offer.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

Mrs Sarah Richardson