Sixth Form

Mount House School offers a very nurturing and tailored Sixth Form environment. This supports each student, both on an individual basis and in small groups, to ensure they are given every opportunity to shape exciting plans for their future.  This is an extremely important time in their academic progression and we provide guidance and tools to aid each student in achieving their ambitions and ensure they are best placed to attend their first-choice university. Mount House School provides a stimulating yet demanding approach to teaching and learning.  In return, our students in Sixth Form are expected to achieve their best possible academic performance and be motivated by high standards in all they do.

We have 5 pillars of success at Mount House Sixth Form:

Tailored Teaching

Teaching groups are small so each student receives individual attention, which leads to effective personalised learning. We find students feel secure in these groups and develop the confidence to join discussions, express opinions and hone their thinking skills.

Encouraging Excellence

At Mount House we use valuable data from the ALIS value-added scheme to gain an informed idea of how students are likely to perform, allowing us to set realistic yet challenging targets.

We closely monitor each student’s achievement, attainment and effort. Each subject teacher completes short four-weekly assessments which are shared with parents and, where necessary, the subject teacher, personal tutor and Head of Sixth Form. Any student experiencing difficulties benefits from suitable support and monitoring.

In addition to the short assessments, there are two Parents’ Evenings and two full reports each year.


Genuinely Personal Pastoral Care

In Sixth Form each student joins a registration group with a form tutor. They also have weekly meetings with their personal tutor who is responsible for their welfare.

Students are encouraged to share both successes and concerns with their personal tutor. In return the tutor provides support, encourages individual development and monitors progress. They help students develop their talents and set academic and personal targets – and encourage full involvement in school life through accepting responsibility and participating in events.

Co-curricular achievement

Academia is not the only facet of Sixth Form life. There is a rich co-curricular programme here for Sixth Formers who wish to engage in activities outside the classroom. A variety of clubs are available at lunchtimes and after school, as well as study support and sports coaching. Sixth Formers are mentors to lower school students academically, supporting them in lessons, and also on the pastoral front by acting as Guardians for new students in Year 7 and other year groups. Games afternoon is a particular high point of the Sixth Form week, during which students engage in a variety of team sports, individual sports or attend a gym.


Support for students UCAS journey and beyond

The support for transitioning from Sixth Form, be that into university or elsewhere, is in-depth and continuous. Students are supported through the construction of their CV, their cover letter and the entire UCAS process. This includes assisting students making applications to prestigious universities both in the UK and beyond, and specialist sessions are held for students who attend Oxbridge interviews, are potential medics or vets, or who need to hone a portfolio to attend creative courses.