Why Choose Mount House

We have seven pillars of success

  • 1. A Small School
    Class sizes – Mount House is committed to maintaining small class sizes. This is, undoubtedly, the best way to maximize the learning of each individual student.
    Teachers – Everyone knows that a good teacher makes all the difference to a child’s enthusiasm for a course. All the teachers at Mount House are experienced, highly qualified professionals with a strong track record of success.
  • 2. Strong Academic Performance
    Mount House has produced some excellent, and rapidly improving, public examination results in recent years. A vibrant classroom environment and an enriching academic and co-curricular programme ensures that students leave with a love of learning, confidence, a firm value system and fully prepared for the challenges of their future life. At Mount House we aspire to academic excellence in every age group and monitor progress closely as students move through the school.
  • 3. Bespoke approach to maximise potential
    In the Mount House environment every child is motivated, enthused and supported to maximise their highest academic potential. Whatever their academic starting point, students are challenged with work that will extend and stimulate. We teach students to be independent thinkers, we encourage them to develop their own thoughts, ideas and opinions. They are given the tools to analyse their own performances and to create a strategy for success both in the short term and in their future lives.
  • 4. Serious about Co-Curricular Success
    Art, drama and music promote individuality, personality, self-confidence, self-discipline and team work. All Mount House students will have compulsory lessons in these subjects until the end of KS3. Opportunities in choirs, orchestras, ensembles and school productions will be available to everyone.
    Mount House encourages all its students to participate in as many sporting and extra-curricular activities as possible. Boys and girls may choose freely from all the sports available, there is no bar on participation on gender grounds. These activities might be both competitive, with matches against other schools, and social. Sport plays a major role in building skills necessary to achieve future success.
    We also have an Academic Enrichment Programme which looks at learning beyond the classroom curriculum.  For more details click www.mounthouse.co.uk/co-curricular/aep
  • 5. Foster Individuality and Self Confidence
    At Mount House we recognise that each student is unique and our aim is to encourage and develop this individuality, whilst nurturing any talents and building upon them. Students are encouraged to have a point of view; other students are encouraged to listen to their peers and value different opinions. We also look to recognise and reward success, knowing that it leads to a growth in self-confidence. It is a virtuous circle; success leads to confidence which leads to greater success.
  • 6. Preparing students for the World of Work
    A Mount House education extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Our ‘Skills for the future’ programme begins as students join us in Year 7 and continues until they leave us to go on to university.
    Students are expected to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and other extra-curricular activities as they move through KS4.
    In the 6th Form, all students will take our unique ‘Life Skills’ course that will lead them through their subject choices, UCAS applications and to their successful completion of an Extended Project Qualification at AS level.
  • 7. Outstanding Pastoral Care
    Mount House caters for those of all faiths and none. Its environment fosters mutual respect and tolerance. Mount House instils a sense of right and wrong and promotes excellent behaviour in all areas of school life. We provide a happy, secure environment where students enjoy their schooling and feel that they belong.
    Communication with parents is a high priority and the excellent relationships between school and home are a key factor in the school’s popularity; this was recognised by the ISI school inspectors.


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Being in a small environment has allowed her to flourish and her confidence to really shine through