Academia is not the sole function of Mount House, nor the sole facet. We provide an extensive co-curricular life here with a variety of clubs and activities to engage in at lunchtimes and after school.

Co-Curricular Programme Summer 2021

Enrichment Days

Enrichment Days reflect our commitment to an all-round education as providing a crucial part of preparation for adulthood. There is one Enrichment Day per term during which each faculty takes a Year Group out of school for the day.

Careers Education and Guidance

Mount House careers programme engages a rich and exciting variety of speakers to address our students. At every opportunity we challenge stereotypes and introduce new ideas/trends in employment.

Recent speakers, including those from the worlds of science and entrepreneurship, have addressed students about changing trends in traditional roles and how to be self-motivated and create your own job.

We are full members of Inspiring Futures, which provides career and higher education advice, as well as testing, follow-up interviews and online resources. Pupils join the Inspiring Futures scheme in Year 11, and benefit from its guidance until Upper Sixth.

All students participate in Study Skills Days, and in Year 10 they undertake work experience at the end of the summer term. Lower Sixth students complete a work-shadowing placement.