Drama at Mount House is an important aspect of school and have many performance opportunities throughout the year, from House competitions to Shakespeare productions to large-scale musical theatre.

At Mount House there is the opportunity to study Drama at GCSE and A level and for those students who opt into Drama GCSE and A level there examination performances to undertake.  Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Drama through our co-curricular programme as part of the Drama Club.

We offer LAMDA lessons to all year groups as we recognise the benefit of drama and performance to young people, supported by experienced, enthusiastic staff with excellent facilities.

All students have the opportunity to audition for a major production specifically targeted to their age group so that large roles are not just for the older students. Additionally, there are keenly contended House competitions where performance is a key element.  Being involved in a production gives confidence-building skills and a sense of achievement within a creative team context.

Every year Mount House puts on a large-scale school musical production, which is the highlight of the year alongside other concerts and activities which are held.  The ‘School of Rock’ musical performed in Dec 2019 was a huge success as pupils relished the opportunity to perform and act to large audiences in a high-quality production.

Post Covid, we will re-start our West End theatre trips to support and extend students’ knowledge and understanding of particular plays, acting and design styles, and production values in general.