About Us

Our mission at Mount House School is to inspire lifelong learning within a nurturing, culturally creative and intellectually dynamic community.

At Mount House, every individual is valued and each child’s unique talents will be identified and nurtured. Students leave as able, articulate, balanced, caring, and well-rounded individuals with a genuine love of learning, ready to take on life’s challenges and opportunities, aware of the needs of others and confident in their ability to make a difference.

Mount House expects students to be the very best they can be and inspires them to make their best even better. Our overarching aim is that Mount House is a happy and successful School, with an excellent record of GCSE and A level results and an outstanding record of students achieving places at top universities. The School is equally concerned to foster the wide range of skills that help young students grow into capable adults with a sense of self-worth. Mount House supports students as they strive for academic excellence within a clear framework of personalised pastoral care and wellbeing that brings success without stress.