Sixth Form Curriculum

Our Sixth Form is focused on an excellent and wide-ranging choice of A level subjects – 23 in all.  In addition, all students study PSHCE, Careers and our Life Skills programme.  This year, we are introducing a Digital Skills programme as well as some project-based learning.

Our students excel in all disciplines as they are taught by subject specialists, and in many cases our teachers are also involved in their subject outside of their own school life.

All Sixth Formers are encouraged to work towards the EPQ, a project-based qualification carrying the same value as half an A Level. The EPQ helps students gain invaluable skills such as time management and critical thinking – essential for those destined for higher education.  This not only grows and hones the skills necessary for university life, but is also well-regarded for university entry.  We aspire to have the EPQ completed entirely in the Lower Sixth year in order that they have a grade to submit on their UCAS applications in the Upper Sixth.

A level exams

The A Level examinations are amongst the most demanding and highly valued in the world. Our regular assessment and target setting help ensure students are on track to achieve their best possible grades. To give them the widest range of options possible, students usually engage in four A Levels initially, dropping to three after Christmas.

To view the range of A Level subjects will be offered in the Sixth Form please download our curriculum brochure:

Each student’s tutor is the first point of contact between home and school and can be contacted via email.