Sixth Form Curriculum

We offer a wide range of subjects with a focus on traditional topics. Our small class sizes, strong academic ethos and personal focus help students transition from the breadth of GCSE to the depth of Sixth Form study – and provide excellent preparation for university. Time in the Sixth Form should enable all students to make a successful and confident transition to life beyond school. So our curriculum is designed to meet pupils’ needs by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need for future life.

The new A-level exams are amongst the most demanding and highly valued in the world. Our regular assessment and target setting help ensure students are on track to achieve their best possible grades. We expect all our leavers to secure a place at university (if they choose this path).

Curriculum Subjects

A typical day at Mount House starts with an 8.25am assembly or Form Time, includes eight 45-minute lessons broken up by a morning break and lunch, then rounds off with after-school activities until 5pm.

We offer a wide range of courses – the majority of students study four subjects in Lower Sixth and most will continue with three into Upper Sixth. In addition, all students study General RE, PSHCE, Careers and Enrichment. The Enrichment programme provides opportunities to study music, dance and sport. During the Lower Sixth students undertake the Extended Project Qualification.


Tailored Teaching

Teaching groups are small so each student receives a lot of individual attention, which leads to effective personalised learning. We find students feel secure in these groups and develop the confidence to join discussions, express opinions and hone their thinking skills.

Encouraging Excellence

At Mount House we use valuable data from the ALIS value-added scheme to gain an informed idea of how students are likely to perform, allowing us to set realistic yet challenging targets.

We closely monitor each student’s achievement, attainment and effort. Each subject teacher completes short four-weekly assessments which are shared with parents and, where necessary, the subject teacher, personal tutor and Head of Sixth Form. Any student experiencing difficulties benefits from suitable support and monitoring.

In addition to the short assessments, there are two Parents’ Evenings and two full reports each year.

Genuinely Personal Pastoral Care

In Sixth Form each student joins a registration group with a form tutor. They also have weekly meetings with their personal tutor who is responsible for their welfare. Personal tutors are assigned to students at the time they enter the school, and stay with them throughout their time at Mount House.

Students are encouraged to share both successes and concerns with their personal tutor. In return the tutor provides support, encourages individual development and monitors progress. They help students develop their talents and set academic and personal targets – and encourage full involvement in school life through accepting responsibility and participating in events.

Each student’s tutor is the first point of contact between home and school and can be contacted via email.


How to find us

Mount House School
Camlet Way, Hadley Wood
Herts EN4 0NJ

Mount House

Open Day Saturday 7 March 9am – 12pm

Open Days offer a chance to hear from the Principal,

tour our school and see the wide variety of facilities.

Come and talk with subject specialists, meet current pupils

and ask questions about their experience of Mount House.

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