The Board of Directors

The Mount House Board of Directors are listed below. You can contact them by email at

The Board of Governance

Terms of Reference

The Directors of Mount House School Ltd are legally responsible for Mount House School in terms of registration with the DfE, compliance, inspection, financial management and educational standards and they meet monthly to discuss all aspects of school life. The Board of Governance for Mount House School, chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, meets termly with the aim of advising the Directors on the effectiveness of the School with regard to meeting its aims and implementing its development plan.

Members of the Board of Governance (who are not referred to as ‘Governors’, but are ‘Members’ of the Board of Governance) help the Directors to support the Executive Principal, the Head and the School and also advise in holding it to account. The Board of Governance has standing agenda items on Education and Health & Safety. The Board does not discuss finance, nominations, remuneration or any specific or named HR, staff, pupil or parent issues.

The Board of Governance includes three members who are parents at Mount House and they serve on the Board for up to two years from the time of their appointment. Ideally one parent will have a son or daughter in Years 7, 8 or 9; a second parent will have a son or daughter in Years 10 or 11 and the third parent’s son or daughter will be in the Sixth Form. Parent members are not parent representatives but have collective responsibility as Members of the Board of Governance. Other members are invited to join the Board of Governance because of their role at the School such as Deputy Head, Head of Sixth, etc.


Colin Diggory (CDI) – Non-executive Chairman
Ian Davies – Non-Executive Director
Sarah Richardson (SRI) – Head
Nisha Nathwani (NNA) – Bursar & Clerk
Matt Kerr (MKE) – Deputy Head (Pastoral) -DSL
Asha Sidhu (ASI) – Deputy Head (Academic)
Craig McCormick (CMC) – Assistant Head Academic, Head of Sixth Form
Natasha Hillcoat-Hyde (NHI) – Assistant Head Pastoral
Angela Simpson (ASI) – Parent – Year 9 (Member since May 2020)
William Moss (WMO) – GCSE Years Parent – Year 11 (Member since May 2020)
Tim Harris (THA) – Pre-GCSE Years Parent – Year 7 (Member since January 2020)