House System

Mount House prides itself on its very active House system whereby all staff and students are assigned to one of four houses. The Houses are all named after mountains: Olympus, Rushmore, Chimborazo and Everest representing elements such as challenge, adventure and achievement.

Each House is described as a ‘family within a family,’ providing a great sense of belonging and support throughout Mount House School life. The House system rewards effort and achievement, both for excellent academic work and involvement in the many inter-house competitions which generate close bonds between students.

In Sixth Form the House system becomes a unique opportunity for students to grow and develop leadership skills through responsibility for helping younger students in their House to succeed.

The pinnacle of this leadership opportunity is the student selection of Heads of House who support running the house meetings, assemblies and public speaking on behalf of their House together with their teacher Head of House.

Housemistress: Ms Gillett | Chimborazo Student Head of House: Antonnia Lazouras

Housemaster: Mr Whitehouse | Everest Student Head of House: Olivia George

Housemistress: Ms Mariottini | Olympus Student Head of House: Sybil Reid-Oldham

Housemaster: Mr Mullins | Rushmore Student Head of House: Ella Ryland

It’s such a small and lovely community

Year 7 student