Welcome to Mount House

Our mission at Mount House School is to inspire lifelong learning within a nurturing, culturally creative and intellectually dynamic community.

Our commitment to character education ensures teachers and students work collaboratively in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Students are supported to become responsible for their own development, becoming intellectually curious, resilient, independent young people with good moral character.

Teaching is in small classes and is based on teachers’ knowledge of every pupil, enabling specific targeting to support, challenge and stretch all learners. Each child is nurtured and supported, ensuring that they are safe, valued and enabled to fulfil their potential.

At Mount House we place great importance on the collegiate nature of success. Our ethos of genuine partnership between the School and home contributes significantly to the success of this school and the very best outcomes for our pupils. A culture of open, honest and frequent communication exists between the School and home, and this is hugely valued by our parents.

School days have a powerful influence on future success in life and we believe a Mount House education provides the best start. Our pupils achieve excellent academic qualifications, with the overwhelming majority going on to study at their first-choice university. They leave us as bright, articulate, thoughtful and intellectually curious students with a strong moral compass and a great interest in the main issues facing the world in the twenty first century.

This prospectus can only give you a brief glimpse of life here. We warmly invite you to come and experience for yourself the unique atmosphere of what we believe to be a great school.

Contact: Registrar (registrar@mounthouse.org.uk)

How to find us

Mount House School
Camlet Way, Hadley Wood
Herts EN4 0NJ