Curtain up on Bugsy!

Posted: 5th December 2018

Splurge guns, gangsters and crooning broads came together in style last night for the debut performance of Bugsy Malone. Harriet Mollison and Talia Ormrod shone in their lead in their lead roles as Bugsy and Blousy, along with a huge cast of all ages and talents.

We were treated to some incredible choreography and musical numbers thanks to the dedication and training of Miss Evans and Mr Whitehouse over the past three months and the hard work of all involved was evident as the audience exploded into cheers upon the curtain going down.

If you’re going to tonight’s performance, see if you can spot the ‘Spicy’ staff cameos in the audition scene!

Special thanks go to the Friends of Mount house for putting on a superb bar, the musicians, front of house team and Chris Newton at SchoolStage.