The Arts

Mount House is not a one-size-fits-all school. In keeping with our aims, we recognise that every pupil has different talents and we wish to provide opportunities to develop each of these talents to their fullest. Perhaps our greatest strength is our ability to identify and nurture the strengths and passions of our pupils.

Creativity is essential in today’s world of rapid change, global competition and digital communication. Mount House excels at motivating pupils to look at the world from different perspectives, challenging received wisdom and generating ideas. This is seen in the quality of our art, music and drama but also in teaching and learning throughout the curriculum. We have pupils with interests that range from painting and sculpture to fashion design, music, singing, dance, drama, composing, writing and performing arts.

“Mount House is a school that inspires creative expression and imagination and where individual characters are embraced.”

How to find us

Mount House School
Camlet Way, Hadley Wood
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