Mr Matt Kerr


Following four amazing years at Loughborough University, I headed for the bright lights of London to work for a large consultancy firm as an IT consultant in the City. After three years trying to solve the Millennium bug and surfing the dotcom bubble, my calling into the teaching profession became too strong. In 2002 I swapped the boardroom for the classroom as I took up my first teaching post at Westminster Under School, teaching geography and PE. Three years later I moved back to the City, this time at City of London School, where I taught for the next 14 years. Whilst at City, I held a number of exciting positions including a variety of pastoral leadership roles.

Main Responsibilities

  • To oversee the pastoral care of all students in the School.
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Personal Interests

I have many interests – most of which being involve being outdoors playing sport. I still try and play football whenever my ageing limbs allow me to. I have completed an Ironman triathlon and the London Marathon. I love to spend as much time as possible in the Alps.