Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Our overarching aim is that Mount House is a happy and successful school, with an excellent record of GCSE and A-level results. We are equally concerned to foster the wide range of skills that help young people grow into capable adults with a sense of self-worth. Mount House supports pupils to strive for academic excellence within a clear framework of personalised pastoral care and well-being that brings success without stress.

We expect pupils to be the very best they can be and our aim is to inspire them to make their best even better. Mount House has a profound responsibility to treat each pupil as an individual in meeting all his or her academic, pastoral and social needs and co-curricular interests as they progress through the school.

The curriculum in Key Stage 3 broadly follows the National Curriculum, while retaining flexibility where appropriate. The school aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum and strives to develop each individual to their full potential – valuing talents and responding to specific needs.

In Years 7 and 8, all pupils are offered the same subjects: English, Mathematics, Science (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) Geography, History, Religious Studies, French, Spanish, Classics, Mandarin, Computing, Latin, Art, Drama, Textiles, Music, PE and Games.

In Year 9 pupils make their GCSE subject choices, and start their GCSE courses in the core subjects of English, Languages (including Latin), Mathematics, and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

Additionally in Year 9 pupils follow a Key Skills programme including units on ethics and decision making, debating, leadership, global issues and global risks, current affairs and cultural awareness.

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