Moving to Co-education


At Mount House, we recognise that moving from an all-girl environment to coeducation is going to be a challenge both for the girls currently at the school and the boys joining from September 2018. It is very important to us that the great traditional strengths of the school are felt by both genders from the start of next year but, equally, that we cater fully for the individual curricular, and extra-curricular, interests of both genders from day one.

To that end, we are looking to make the following provisions next year:


From Sept 2018, boys and girls will have full access to all the main school sports. Mount House is forging strong partnerships with some of the top providers in the locality to ensure the best possible facilities (within easy reach) and some excellent coaching.

We will be organising a full calendar of fixtures against local schools and in national competitions. Team sports on offer from the start of next year will be Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Football, Athletics, Tennis, Cricket, X-Country and Rounders. Not on a regular team basis but available to the PE department will also be the facilities for swimming, gymnastics, fitness, badminton, dance and table tennis.

The Directors are also considering our options for providing a quality indoor sports facility on the school campus which will further extend the sporting opportunities on offer.


With the move to coeducation, will come the need to provide basic facilities for boys. We are in the process of identifying the ideal spaces for changing rooms, showers and toilets for male pupils. These will be of high quality and fully functioning by September 2018 ready for the new intake.


Over the summer of 2017, all the school computers were upgraded and the wifi network capacity substantially increased. This has created an extremely fast efficient technology backbone for the school.

As well as the current Food Technology GCSE and A levels on offer, we will be providing a Design Technology course from Sept 2018. This will, however, not be a ‘resistant materials’ course using wood, metal and plastics, but rather ‘technology based’ around electronics, control systems and robotics.


For the majority of out teaching staff, coeducation will not provide any new challenges. Most teachers have experience, and a proven track record of success, in coeducational schools. For those that haven’t had that experience, we will be providing top quality in service training prior to the start of the next school year.

It is also clear that there will need to be a full review of the texts and resources used in the classroom. Where necessary, these will be revised to reflect the change in pupil population and to ensure the enthusiasm of both genders in every lesson.

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