Private schools are gaming the new GCSE system says Richard Cairns, Brighton College Headmaster, in a letter to The Sunday Times.

29th August 18

He says that instead of doing the new ‘harder’ GCSEs, many independent schools have opted for the IGCSEs which are unregulated by Ofqual and which still include ‘discredited’ coursework. Mount House, like many other schools, has used a mixture of the new GCSEs and IGCSEs. We pick the courses that we think will bring the…

The headline in today’s Times

17th August 18

The headline in today’s Times highlights only too well some issues that remain within our examination system. Michael Gove pushed through a return to linear A level examinations, with the intention that we would see an end to grade inflation and the perceived decline in standards. The removal of the modular examinations was seen as…

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